Day 3: John Paul College v UQ Heavies

    John Paul College - 6 def. UQ Heavies - 5

    UQ put in the game of their tournament to run John Paul College down to the wire, but ultimately were unable to record their first victory. JPC opened the scoring early with a penalty in the first 90 seconds of play. After a period where neither team yielded, UQ were able to work their way into the JPC 22 and after five minutes of sustained pressure, were able to break the line and score a quality try. The score remained 5-3 until half time, with UQ the dominant side having 85% of the territory and generally out-enthusing JPC at the tackle contest. The second half was if anything an even tighter contest than the first, dominated by the referee's whistle and with both possession and territory evenly split. Despite some enterprising play by both teams, and especially UQ, neither team was able to break the other's defence in what represented two great displays of disciplined rugby. However, JPC were able to find their way into UQ territory for almost the entirety of the final five minutes, and just as it looked as if UQ may have done enough, a debatable penalty was awarded to JPC on full time from almost directly in front. It was duly kicked, and JPC got out of jail 6-5.

    Day 3: Noosa Dolphins v Takapuna Grammar School

    Takapuna Grammar School - 31 def. Noosa Dolphins - 21

    Like their Day 1 fixture, this was another high-scoring, high-tempo match. Takapuna opened the scoring early with a well-worked try, to which the Noosa Dolphins responded almost immediately with a try of their own. 7-all. The match continued at a frenetic pace, with Noosa eventually finding their way to the line for a second time in the half, when their backs shuffled the ball quickly across the width of the field, putting their #15 over in the corner. 14-7 to Noosa at half time. The second half offered no let up, with both teams attacking hard from the start. In the sixth minute, Takapuna were the first to cross the line with a great counter attack. If the game to this point had been frenetic, what followed put even that to shame. in the next seven minutes, another four tries were scored - three to Takapuna and one to the Noosa Dolphins - all within a handful of phases from the preceding kickoff. Eventually the dust settled, and the final five minutes of the match went without a point being scored. Full time 31-21 to Takapuna Grammar School. Both forward packs contested well and were relatively even. The game was won by the Takapuna outside backs, who were able to regularly find (or put themselves into) space and use their skills to capitalise on most opportunities.

    Day 3: Bethlehem College v Noosa Dolphins

    Bethlehem College - 17 def. Noosa Dolphins - 12

    Much like their match on Day 1, these two teams put on a great show of quality rugby executed with accuracy and finesse. The teams scored a try apiece in the first half. The Noosa Dolphins opened their account through their #12, who wheeled out of two tackles and was able to dot the ball down near the posts after a good team build up. After bagging a penalty, Bethlehem College were able to score their own try with a great offload in the lead up. 10-7 at half time in a great contest characterised by accurate attack and stoic defence. Bethlehem College opened the scoring in the second half with a great solo effort through their #9, who picked up the ball at the back of an attacking scrum and made an incisive dart down the blind side to score. 17.-7. Not long later, the Noosa Dolphins hit back, stealing a lineout on their own 10 metre line, and with some great backing up were able to score out wide three phases later. The try went unconverted, and the score remained 17-12 right up until full time.

    Day 3: Takapuna Grammar School v UQ Heavies

    Takapuna Grammar School - 15 def. UQ Heavies - 5

    Another re-match that saw previous big winners TGS (36-0) get a much tighter game, perhaps due to the near free-for-all that became of the breakdown. Neither team were able to string their phases together - the half time scoreline of 12-0 to TGS was the result of two tries where TGS found space on the fringes of the ruck and capitalised. Neither was the result of sustained pressure. The opening to the second half was a little better with more fluidity and structure from both sides, and UQ opened the scoring with a great run off a lineout by the #13. A pick and drive (or two) later and UQ were over the line. 12-5. However, the breakdown battle again descended into a mess and the game soured from then on, the only subsequent points coming from a TGS penalty. Full time score 15-5 to TGS.

    Day 3: Bethlehem College v John Paul College

    John Paul College - 13 def. Bethlehem College - 10

    Unlike their Day 1 tussle, where JPC were resounding 26-0 victors, this fixture was an absolute arm wrestle. While JPC was leading (only) 6-0 at half time, neither team had been able to achieve any continuity or place any sustained pressure on their opponent's defence. A penalty early in the second half to BC saw scores tighten 6-3, and there the scores remained until a piece of individual skill from the JPC #9 (playing at flyhalf), as he chipped over the BC defensive line, regathered, and was able to offload a sublime pass in the tackle to his supporting #7 for a great try. 13-3. Minutes later, with BC having won the ball deep in JPC's half, the BC #12 created something out of nothing with a great evasive, weaving run to the line - a great individual effort. The try was converted taking the score to 13-10, where it remained until full time. This was a great match - both forward packs worked hard and were effective, though with solid defence from both teams, neither backline was able to gain any ascendency or get any penetration.