Day 2: Noosa Dolphins v John Paul College

    Noosa Dolphins - 17 def. John Paul College - 13

    In perhaps the upset of the tournament thus far, the Dolphins accounted for JPC in an extremely well contested match. The first half was an absolute arm-wrestle, with neither side having any significant dominance over the other for more than a fleeting moment here or there. That said, the Noosa Dolphins snuck in two great tries in the opening and closing two minutes of the half. The first try was the result of a clean lineout take on the 5m, with a bustling and strong run to the line by the #13. Through the later stages of the first half, the Dolphins absorbed significant pressure from John Paul College, but were able to whether the storm and score in their first foray back into JPC's 22 in what seemed like an age. 12-0 at half time. JPC were by no means down-and-out, having looked marginally more dangerous throughout the half, only to see many half-chances slip. The second half shaped up to be a cracker. An early penalty kept JPC in touch, taking the score to 12-3, before the Dolphins were able to clear the ball from a scrum on their own 22, spread it wide and run the length of the field to score a great try. 17-3, and looking better for the Dolphins all the time. JPC however hit straight back, capitalising on a Dolphins error on receipt of the kickoff, quickly working through a handful of phases before they crashed over. 17-8. Another few minutes later, again the JPC forwards rumbled well and got over the line through a pile of bodies, taking it to 17-13 with only a few minutes to play. Despite some ferocious efforts in the final minutes, JPC were unable to score their match winner, and the Noosa Dolphins held on for a deserved victory in an excellent match.

    Day 2: Bethlehem College v UQ Heavies

    Bethlehem College - 23 def. UQ Heavies - 12

    Bethlehem College had the early run of play, scoring two early tries with great skill out wide - the first featuring genuine pace to beat the man, followed by a grubber and regather, the second exhibiting fantastic pace down the left wing for a 75m try. With a penalty also in the bag, Bethlehem College led 13-0 early. UQ quickly fought back however, first through a neat run to the blind side, and the second with a mammoth 12-man maul from a 10-man lineout, with both movements resulting in tries (the former being converted). The teams thus drew near-level, 13-12, before Bethlehem College were able to find space and numbers out wide for a regulation overlap try in the shadows of half time. 18-12 at the break. Both teams appeared evenly matched in the first half, and both played enterprising and exciting rugby. The second half offered similar opportunities - each side had two genuine opportunities to score, however only Bethlehem College were able to capitalise, and only upon one of their chances. Both of UQ's opportunities were grounded in-goal by Bethlehem College. Thus, a solitary try was the difference in the second half, the score being 23-12 at full time.

    Day 2: John Paul College v Takapuna Grammar School

    John Paul College - 20 def. Takapuna Grammar School - 5

    In a much-anticipated match, John Paul College were able to grind out a strong victory over the skilled TGS. After both teams performed their hakas, it was game on. The early contests were fast-paced and fiercely fought, with JPC's fresh legs appearing to be the difference (TGS having already played once that morning). JPC received a long range, wide-angle penalty which was missed, but the shot hit the post and the rebound pounced upon by a supporting JPC player. The defenders half-asleep, the try was scored next to the posts. 5-0, conversion unsuccesful. TGS had had most of the territory in the first half but was unable to convert the pressure into points. Again in the second, TGS had the early run of play but JPC were first to score with their first touch in the half, counter attacking from 60m out with a fine run from the JPC #14, who found support in the #8 who dotted the ball down. 12-0. TGS hit straight back through the patient work of their forwards. 12-5. After another period of stiff competition, the JPC #9 and #7 combined well, running from 20m out and attacking the blind side for a well worked try, with a penalty to JPC wrapping up proceedings 20-5. The match was a good exhibition of fundamentals being executed with accuracy and skill, and a deserved win to JPC.

    Day 2: Noosa Dolphins v UQ Heavies

    Noosa Dolphins - 26 def. UQ Heavies - 7

    Territory figures must have been 85% or above for the Dolphins in the first half, placing constant pressure on the UQ defence in a great contest. Nonetheless (and despite their social, haphazard preparation) UQ were able to keep their line largely intact, only letting in the two tries, neither of which were made easy for the Dolphins. 12-0 at half time. The match became more of an even territory contest in the second, and perhaps not having their backs to the wall (try line) made UQ lapse a little in defence. A few first up tackles were missed and the Dolphins were able to run in two good tries. Testament to their positive attitude, UQ kicked off quickly after the second Dolphins try, and a few phases later dotted down their own great try, the ball having passed through a number of pairs of hands after a turnover on the kickoff receipt. For the final ten minutes, the match became much more dour as the Dolphins took their turn in the trenches. Despite being camped on the Dolphins' line, UQ were unable to get over the line a second time. Full time 26-7 - the score perhaps not fairly reflecting the match played.

    Day 2: Takapuna Grammar School v Bethlehem College

    Takapuna Grammar School - 22 def. Bethlehem College - 11

    Day 2 opened with a great competition that got underway before the opening whistle.  TGS and BC performed their respective hakas simultaneously, facing off from their 10m lines. TGS got the better of the opening exchanges, running in three good tries in the opening half to BC's solitary penalty. While Takapuna's forward rumbled up front, it was the outside backs that capitalised, showing great pace, vision and skills to dot down the three five pointers. BC finally got properly into the contest in the final five minutes of the half, but weren't able to break the TGS line. 17-3 at half time. BC must have received a rev up at half time, dotting down their first five pointer with their first touch of the ball. The try went unconverted, but BC were next to score with a penalty. 17-11 and a tight finish on the cards? After a good contest, Takapuna were able to find their way to the line late in the game with some patient work through the forwards, the try sealing the match. Full time, 22-11.