BSHS v BGS – 1st XV (2013)

    2013 GPS Rugby Union - Round 2 - 1st XV

    Brisbane Grammar School (A) - 18 def. Brisbane State High School (H) - 17

    Pre-season, many would have expected the vaunted Grammar side to clinically undo their State High opponents. For the second week however, State High were unwilling to follow the script. A tight and intense match followed, with the teams splitting dominance and territory for much of the match, with Grammar doing just enough in the end.

    ACGS v TGS – 1st XV (2013)

    2013 GPS Rugby Union - Round 2 - 1st XV

    Anglican Church Grammar School (H) - 43 def. Toowoomba Grammar School (A) - 12

    In a comprehensive result, Churchie were able to get some great points on the board against their Toowoomba opponents in this fixture. Though the scoreline suggests a rout, the match was more competitive than may first appear. Too often, Toowoomba would, in promising attacking movements, drop the ball cold or make other small errors, undoing much good work. Conversely Churchie stuck most passes and ran crisp lines through their centre channels to win in an exciting, end-to-end match.

    ACGS v TGS – 2nd XV (2013)

    2013 GPS Rugby Union - Round 2 - 2nd XV

    Toowoomba Grammar School (A) - 22 def. Anglican Church Grammar School (H) - 19

    After Churchie led 19-10 early in the second half, Toowoomba fought back with some smart rugby to take this one 22-19. Both sides, in fact, played some clever rugby at times in the match. Both teams scored off well-worked set plays, with the Churchie flyhalf contributing especially well at one stage with a sublime two touches in a well worked movement. In the end though, and despite some last-minute attack by Churchie, Toowoomba were able to gain and defend their lead to the death. A great match.

    ACGS v TGS – 16A (2013)

    2013 GPS Rugby Union - Round 2 - 16A

    Toowoomba Grammar School (A) - 10 def. Anglican Church Grammar School (H) - 8

    After Churchie led 3-0 at halftime, and 8-0 early in the second half, Toowoomba were able to fight back to win this tight fixture 10-8. The result was perhaps deserved, with Toowoomba having the bulk of territory and possession in both halves, and just lacking the patience and execution to capitalise on their opportunities (in the first half especially). A tighter second half display got the result.

    ACGS v TGS – 15A (2013)

    2013 GPS Rugby Union - Round 2 - 15A

    Anglican Church Grammar School (H) - 22 def. Toowoomba Grammar School (A) - 5

    After Toowoomba hit the lead in the third minute with a good try, Churchie were able to take the game by the scruff of its neck and run away with it. The match was entertaining and competitive, with Churchie's #15 starring at the back with magic feet and two scintillating tries.

    ACGS v TGS – 14A (2013)

    2013 GPS Rugby Union - Round 2 - 14A

    Anglican Church Grammar School (H) - 30 def. Toowoomba Grammar School (A) - 7

    Churchie came alive in the second half of this fixture, after a few penalty goals and a sole forwards try in the first half. Despite good efforts by Toowoomba Grammar in defence, Churchie's quick backs shook off the shackles in the second half and ran in three clever tries, finding space around the ball with a clever offloading game and some great running lines.

    ACGS v TGS – 13A (2013)

    2013 GPS Rugby Union - Round 2 - 13A

    Anglican Church Grammar School (H) - 7 def. Toowoomba Grammar School (A) - 0

    In a more exciting match than the scoreline suggests, Churchie were able to come away on top in this arm-wrestle, after turning down two seemingly kickable penalty shots on goal in the second half. Both sides were, at various times, able to assert dominance over the other, with see-sawing field position and attacking promise. It was not until right on full time when the Churchie #6 found his way to the line in a skilled, bustling run.