National Premier League Rd. 03 – Brisbane Strikers v Olympic

    NPL Rd. 03 Olympic F.C.- 7 def. Brisbane Strikers - 2

    What starts out as a tight match at first soon turns into a thrashing with Olympic taking a ruthless 4 goals throughout the first half of the match. Strikers reclaim 2 goals but it's not enough next to Olympic's further 3.


    National Premier League Rd. 03 – QAS v Palm Beach Sharks

    NPL Rd. 03 Palm Beach Sharks - 3 def. QAS - 0

    The harsh afternoon sun puts both teams under the heat but Palm Beach Sharks come out on top. Not letting a single goal through their iron defenses they show they can play both the offense and the defense,  scoring 2 goals in the first half and a final in the second.


    National Premier League Rd. 02 – Brisbane City v Brisbane Strikers

    NPL Rd. 02 Brisbane Strikers - 5 def. Brisbane City F.C. - 3

    A truly exciting display of talent in the second round of the NPL. City holds a tight competition for the first half but is overtaken by Strikers in the second half, despite Strikers losing one of their key players to a rather painful collision with City's goalkeeper.


    National Premier League Rd. 02 – Redlands United v FNQ F.C.

    NPL Rd. 02 Redlands United F.C. - 2 def. FNQ FC - 0

    A stalemate first half with many near misses, Redlands United takes the a strong lead late in the game to emerge victorious over FNQ FC.


    National Premier League Rd. 01 – Brisbane City F.C. v Olympic F.C.

    NPL Rd. 01 Olympic F.C. - 6 def. Brisbane City F.C. - 2

    In the very first match of the National Premier League Olympic shows it'll be a major competitor this season holding out fiercely against Brisbane City. A close first half is followed by Brisbane City losing their focus and losing 6 goals to 2.