Brisbane Premier League Rd. 05 – Rochedale Rovers v Peninsula Power

    BPL Rd. 05 Rochedale Rovers. - 4 def. Peninsula Power - 2

    The Rochedale Rovers get in an early lead, taking a strong 4 goals in the first half. Peninsula Power scrambles to get back on top in the second but to no avail.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 05 – Wolves F.C. v UQ F.C.

    BPL Rd. 05 Wolves F.C. - 8 def. UQ F.C. - 0

    The Wolves show they're all bite and no bark in this ruthless defeat of UQ, scoring an even four goals in the first half, and another 4 in the second.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 04 – Peninsula Power v Lions F.C. (Under 16’s)

    BPL Rd. 04 Lions F.C. - 5 Def. Peninsula Power - 1

    A bright and sunny day at Dalton Park doesn't stop the Lions ferocity as they tear a ruthless 5 goals into Peninsula Power.


    Diamond League Rd. 02 – Eastern Suburbs v The Gap Gators

    Diamond League Rd. 02 The Gap Gators - 2 def. Eastern Suburbs - 1

    A close match at Heath Park with Eastern Suburbs scoring the first goal and holding the lead for almost the entire first half -- but The Gap Gators come back and bring it to a tie just before half time.  Their momentum continues through the second half, over taking Eastern Suburbs and holding the lead for the rest of the game.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 04 – Logan Lightning F.C v Capalaba Bulldogs

    BPL Rd. 04 Logan Lightning F.C. - 1 draw. Capalaba Bulldogs - 1

    With Logan Lightning scoring a the only goal for almost the entire game in the first 15 minutes of play, Capalaba Bulldogs try continually to break through their defenses, only managing to slip one past at the very last moment of play.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 03 – Lions F.C. v Brisbane Force

    BPL Rd. 03 Lions F.C. - 3 def. Brisbane Force - 0

    Lions F.C. shows who the real force is with an unrelenting victory at their home grounds in the final match of third round in the Brisbane Premier League


    Diamond League Rd. 01 – Peninsula Power v Redlands United

    Diamond League Rd. 01 Redlands United - 5 def. Peninsula Power - 2

    The bright and sunny A J Kelly field brings us a close first half, but as the sun goes down Redlands United wears Peninsula Power into the ground and secures a strong victory for themselves.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 03 – Grange Thistle v Annerley

    BPL Rd. 03 Grange Thistle - 1 def. Annerley - 0

    A competitive match with many close calls and a few too many yellow cards. Grange Thistle takes the lead early on and doesn't give it up for the rest of the match.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 02 – Souths United v Taringa Rovers

    BPL Rd. 02 Taringa Rovers - 1 def. Souths United - 0

    An even battle on both sides with many close calls but Taringa Rovers secures the win with a single goal in the first half of the match.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 02 – Rochedale Rovers v Eastern Suburbs

    BPL Rd. 02 Eastern Suburbs - 5 def. Rochedale Rovers - 0

    The third match of the BPL sees calm weather but some truly relentless play, with Eastern Suburbs taking a flawless victory over Rochedale Rovers on their home turf.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 02 – Peninsula Power v North Star

    BPL Rd. 02 Peninsula Power - 5 def. North Star F.C. - 1

    The second match of the BPL sees both teams battle the wind and rain to gain an early lead in the ladder. Unfortunately for North Star, Peninsula Power doesn't hold back, dealing out a severe 4 goals in the just the first half of the match.


    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 01 – Mitchelton v Pine Hills

    BPL Rd. 01 Mitchelton - 3 def. Pine Hills - 2

    The first match of the Brisbane Premiere League, a tight display of early talent in the season with Mitchelton just scraping the win.


    Strikers v Olympic FC – Silver Boot Final 2013

    Silver Boot - Grand Final Strikers - 3 def. Olympic FC - 2

    The final clash of the Silver Boot competition -- a gripping showdown between two of the best teams in the league: Brisbane Strikers and Olympic F.C.