Capital League 3 – Grand Final – Kangaroo Pt Rovers v Redcliffe PCYC

    CL3 GF Rovers - 3 def. Redcliffe - 2

    A great end to the season between two great teams. A very close 90 minutes but Rovers manage to slip a 3rd and final goal past in the last 10 minutes and secure the win and the championship.

    Capital League 1 – Grand-Final – Mitchelton v Mt Gravatt Hawks

    CL1 GF Mitchelton - 3 def. Hawks - 2

    Mitchelton continue to show the birds who's boss in yet another victory in the Capital League.  A clear lead in the first half, the Hawks do their best and manage to equalise it -- but Mitchelton pulls ahead only 10 minutes later and mange to hold it until the final whistle!

    Diamond League – Grand-Final – Redlands v The Gap

    DL GF The Gap - 6 def. Redlands - 1

    Despite a slow start and Redlands looking for revenge against their loss in the Elaine Watson Cup, The Gap soon show who's got the skills in the second half, taking a neat 5 goals in 40 minutes and securing the win as the champions of the SEQ Diamond League!

    Capital League 1 Semi-Final – Mitchelton v Southside Eagles

    BPL GF Mitchelton - 3 def. Southside - 2

    A tight stalemate for the first 78 minutes of play here at Teralba Park between two great sides. It's anyone's game until the last moment in this Semi-Final, definitely not one to miss!

    BPL Grand-Final – Lions F.C. v Peninsula Power

    BPL GF Peninsula Power - 5 def. Lions F.C. - 1

    A truly spectacular grand final here at Heath Park. A tight competition in the first half quickly turns to a severe beating in the second, with Power relentlessly demonstrating their name in football.

    BPL Semi-Final – Lions FC v Rochedale Rovers

    BPL SF Lions FC - 2 def. Rochedale - 1

    Despite Rochedale taking an early lead with a fierce goal in the first 10 minutes, it's a tough battle for both sides. Lions manage to equalise in the first half and then score a final second goal in the last 10 minutes, securing the win and moving on to the Grand Final.

    Elaine Watson Cup Grand Final – The Gap v Redlands United

    EWC GF The Gap - 5 def. Redlands United - 1

    The Gap take a strong 3 goal lead in the first half and maintain it despite Redlands' commendable efforts.

    Canale Cup Grand Final – Logan Lightning v Peninsula Power

    CC GF Power - 2 def. Logan - 0

    Power take a clean 2 goals in the first 60 minutes of play and despite Logan's best efforts, they just can't break through that iron defence. Power take the win and with it, the Canale Cup for 2013.

    EWC Grand Final – The Gap Gators v Redlands United

    EWC GF The Gap - 5 def. Redlands - 1

    The Gators take a strong 3 point lead before the end of the first half and despite all of Redlands' efforst, their one goal retaliation isn't enough to see them win.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 22 – Lions FC v Eastern Suburbs

    BPL Rd. 22 Easts - 3 def. Lions - 1

    Lions have walked away from this season the clear winners, but this battle was one fought half-heartedly. With their eyes on celebration, Easts take advantage of Lions' complacency and put in a strong second half to secure the win.

    Brisbane Premier League (U18) Rd. 22 – Lions FC v Eastern Suburbs

    BPL Rd. 22 (U18) Easts - 1 def. Lions - 0

    With Lions having already won the season, this was an indicator that being complacent can easily spell defeat, with Easts taking the only goal of the match in the first half and determinedly holding the lead until the end.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 21 – Eastern Suburbs v Ipswich Knights

    BPL Rd. 21 Easts - 3 def. Ipswich - 2

    A great match for the neutral with both teams really out to show what they've got. Ipswich takes a late lead but is immediately countered by a quick two goals from Easts.

    Canale Cup – Semi-Final – Peninsula Power v Wolves F.C.

    Canale Cup - Semi-Final Power - 3 def. Wolves - 2

    The Canale Cup shows just how exciting it can be in the clash of the titans at A J Kelly Park. A neck-and-neck game here with everything you could ask for: fantastic goals, a heated rivalry between the two teams, some controversial tackles and a whole lot of great play.

    Canale Cup – Semi-Final – Taringa Rovers v Logan Lightning

    Canale Cup - Semi-Final Logan - 5 def. Taringa - 4

    In what may be one of most nail-bitingly exciting matches of the season, Taringa puts the scare up Logan in the first half by holding a 3 - nil lead for the first 25 minutes. Logan bites back and brings it to 4 all by the final whistle, taking us into an extra 30 minutes of play and eventually see Logan just come out on top.  Definitely not a game to miss!

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 20 – Annerley v Holland Park

    BPL Rd. 20 Annerley - 2 tie. Holland Park - 2

    Annerley take an early lead with their first goal in the 7th minute, reinforcing it with another in the 23rd. But Holland park make a comeback in the second half and bring it to a tie.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 19 – Lions F.C. v U.Q. F.C.

    BPL Rd. 19 Lions F.C. - 3 def. U.Q. F.C. - 1

    UQ definitely show improvement on their skills tonight but it isn't enough against the mighty Lions, who keep a strong offence and defence the entire match.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 19 – Wolves F.C. v Peninsula Power

    BPL Rd. 19 Power - 4 def. Wolves - 1

    Peninsula Power are quickly becoming known as the best team in the league -- and tonight's game is a clear demonstrator. Continually putting Wolves on the defensive, Power manage to get 3 goals in just the first half.

    Canale Cup Quarter Final – Lions F.C. v Wolves F.C.

    CC QF Wolves - 2 def Lions - 1

    A real clash of the titans this week, with an appropriately tight match. Some very competitive play this week and some very executed set pieces from both sides.

    Canale Cup Quarter Final – Peninsula Power v Capalaba Bulldogs

    CC QF Peninsula Power - 4 def Capalaba - 0

    A nil-all stalemate for the first half, but Peninsula Power show the Bulldogs who's really the boss in the second.

    Canale Cup Quarter Final – Logan vs Samford

    CC QF Logan Lightning - 4 def Samford Rangers - 1

    Logan strikes hard and fast in this Quarter Final of the Canale Cup, scoring their first goal in the first 2 minutes. Holding the lead for the entire match by a good few goals, Samford finally manage to slip on past in the last few minutes of the match.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 18 – Mitchelton v Taringa Rovers

    BPL Rd. 18 Mitchelton - 2 def. Taringa - 1

    With Mitchelton undefeated and now the winners of the season, Taringa are looking to knock them down a peg tonight. With the first goal to Taringa in the 26th minute, things aren't looking great to Mitchelton -- but they strike back with 2 goals and secure their title.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 18 – Ipswich Knights v Lions F.C.

    BPL Rd. 18 Lions - 4 def. Ipswich - 1

    It's a tight stalemate for first 27 minutes of play before Ipswich catch the Lions off guard and slip the first goal past them. But Lions strike back hard and fast, taking an impressive 4 goals against the Knights and securing the win.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 17 – Souths v Pine Rivers

    BPL Rd. 17 Souths - 1 def. Pine Rivers - 0

    A nil-all deadlock for almost the entire match, with many attempts but none successful. Souths slip the only goal in right at the very last moment in the 90th minute.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 17 – Wolves v Logan Lightning

    BPL Rd. 17 Wolves - 7 def. Logan - 1

    An absolutely relentless attack by Wolves over at Carmichael Park tonight. Logan's defence holds for a solid 30 minutes of play, but Wolves break through and take a fierce 7 goals against them.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 16 – Peninsula Power v Rochedale Rovers

    BPL Rd. 16 Rochedale - 3 def. Power - 1

    Rochedale hit them hard and fast with three great goals in the first half, holding a strong lead. Power try to reclaim and manage to strike one back in the last few minutes of the first half.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 17 – East v Force

    BPL Rd. 17 Easts - 3 def. Force - 2

    Force take an early lead in the match but Easts fight back and bring it to a tie. It's neck to neck for the rest of the match before Easts score a third and final goal in the 73rd minute.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 16 – UQ v Wolves

    BPL Rd. 16 Wolves - 5 def. UQ - 1

    UQ hold up a strong defence until well into the third quarter -- but when Wolves break through they wreak absolute havoc, taking 5 goals against UQ in under half an hour.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 16 – Logan Lightning v Eastern Suburbs

    BPL Rd. 16 Logan - 2 def. Easts - 1

    A tight stalemate until well into the third quarter of the game, with Logan scoring two great consecutive goals and taking the lead. Easts quickly strike one back but unfortunately for them, one is all they can manage.

    Brisbane Premier League Rd. 13 Catch Up – Ipswich Knights v Brisbane Force

    BPL Rd. 13 CU Force - 2 def. Ipswich - 1

    Truly a match decided by the elements today with the afternoon sun giving a huge advantage to the team playing with it. Ipswich take a first goal right at the end of first half -- but Force fight back in the second half and claim the win with 2 goals.

    Canale Cup Rd. 4 – Eastern Suburbs v Logan Lightning

    CC Rd. 4 Logan Lightning - 2 def Eastern Suburbs - 0

    Logan takes an early lead with their first goal in the 13th minute of the match. Easts can't match them today, with Logan taking another goal in the third quarter and holding a strong defence the rest of the match.