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Brisbane-based Videographer for the Wallabies, Football Queensland and the Queensland Reds

We are experts in sport videography, having filmed thousands of sporting fixtures in dozens of sports.

  • We can: record directly to your coach’s laptop, just like we do for the Queensland Reds and the Qantas Wallabies
  • We can: save you match in High Definition to USB on the spot – your coaches and players take it home for immediate analysis
  • We can: create an exhilarating highlights video (like this one), just like we do for the Queensland Reds
  • We can: help to stream your match live to the web
  • We can: transmit our video signal across the ground (we do this for the Queensland Reds too)
  • We can: put a wireless microphone on the referee 
  • We can: handle sales of promotional or match videos
  • We can: shoot from multiple angles with a number of cameras

DoubleTake Productions will only ever use camera operators who are trained especially for sports videography. This work requires operators who are highly skilled and ‘on the ball’ and can react quickly to whatever may happen during play. Just like your players, a good camera operator must react instinctively and not have to think what to do next.

Because of that, we will not send out a poorly trained operator. EverYou get the same quality footage as we provide to Reds and Wallabies. Simple.

We are a full-service company backed up by the fullest range of professional equipment in the industry. This means that we achieve results far beyond the reach of our competitors. We’ve worked with some of the foremost sports analysts in the Asia-Pacific region. If it’s sport videography related, we’re the team for your team.

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